Monday, May 07, 2007

The YBAM-ABA YLD Joint Congress : A Real Success!

Traduction d'une entrevue de René Lewandowski publiée aujourd'hui sur Droit-inc.

Big hit over the weekend for the joint congress of the Young Bar Association of Montreal (YBAM) and the American Bar Association – Young Lawyers’ Division (ABA-YLD).
Over 500 young lawyers, amongst which 50% coming from the USA, took part to a variety of conferences and meetings, over a three days period at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Montreal.

« An excellent opportunity to make contacts with our americain colleagues », says Nicolette Kost De Sèvres, YBAM’s president, , visiblement ravie du succès de l’événement.

Jay Ray, president of the ABA-YLD, attended the event and interviewed him. Ray is a a 35 yo lawyer who practice as a commercial litigator in private practice in Dallas, Texas. : What does the ABA-YLD does?

Jay Ray : Many things! Howver, our first mission is to be the voice of the young American lawyers. We help them to become the best lawyers and tomorrow leader in their communities. We also promote the lawyer profession and we want to make the legal system as accessible as possible. Accordingly, we have numerous programs. : Which programs?

Jay Ray : In the USA, we have a program that helps ethnic minorities to become lawyers. We also provide legal assistance to Aids victims. We even have a new program which helps our « heroes » (policemen, firefighters) to prepare their wills with lawyers for free. : Why did the ABA-YLD chose Montreal for its Congress?

Jay Ray : It had been ten years since we last went out of the USA. The last time, we went to Vancouver. Since most of our members know Toronto, Montreal was the obvious choice! Moreover, we have excellent relations with the YBAM. But above all, Montreal is such an incredible city. : But why outside of the USA?

Jay Ray : It is an opportunity for our members to acquire an international experience, to exchange with canadian lawyers and understand their legal system. Furthermore, with the globalisation, the chances to work in different jurisdiction increase daily.

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