Saturday, January 05, 2008

Speech recognition: How to bill .2 for an introductory motion and a letter!

As part of my membership in the American Bar Association Law and Technology division, I have access to its listserv on which many (mostly) american lawyers post questions and findings regarding the use of technology in their daily practice.

This week, I received something interesting from "Robin Hood". As he defines it, it is another session of "things I did when I should have been sleeping"!! I know the feeling: blogging is about the same philosophy!

So here it is for the speech recognition geeks out there: A technological solution that will never be used by most lawyers as long as we are paid by the hour...

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Robin Hood said...

Ah, but in all likelyhood, I'm going to be a plaintiff's and criminal defense attorney, and we work on contingency or flat fees. :)

Yeah, that really is my real name. Haven't decided yet quite how to spin it for my law practice... great for name recognition, but I don't want to be over-the-top silly either. :)