Thursday, March 22, 2007

60 Technology Tips in 60 Minutes

One of the main conference at the Techshow given by Tom Mighell, Natalie Kelly, Rick Ferguson (one of the rare canadian) and Vedia Jones-Richardson.

Here are the topics that were discussed:

Paste special
Resend/recall email
If you can't read an attachment, save it to your desktop and open it...

Tablet PCs: you need it!
You will print less because it be read as a book.
You will burn less paper because you'll take handwritten notes.
Your assitant won't have to retype what you wrote with your doctor handwritting.

Case/Practice management systems: you deserve it!
Advanced serach engine

BaseCamp (FREE) for project management
Web 2.0 app that would be "good as a "poor person" Extranet": what a brillant idea!

Feeder (not flat bed), OCR capabilities, visual enhancement

Keep stronger passwords
The more digits the better especially if you had

Roboform Free for 30 password, 30$ unlimited

Digital dictation
Create a sound file that can be retyped by your assistant.
I am wondering why you would do that if you can dictate directly to your computer with softwares like Dragon Naturallky speaking.

Daily backups
Test restores for reliability
Have a disaster recovery plan
Offsite: eVault or DataTrust. However, with third party, what happen if you don't pay your bill, what is there turn around time., etc.? Ask questions befor

Back up online?
Mozy (not for work)
Will they be there in a few years? That is the problem with Web2.0 websites!

Homemade backup: buy a 300 Gb hard drive to backup, it will cost 100$ instead of 1000$ to restore data after head crash.

Thumbs drive open office, firefox, skype, etc. all on your thumb drive! Leave no trace behind!

Take Control of Sent Items 24,95$
It save all outbound emails at the right place

The voice of the future!

Manage deleted email
No comment!

Use Time and Billing Sotware
Don't type them in Word! Integrate all your software and databases

Giveaway of the Day Get a free software everyday or pay for it the next day!

Keep your registry clean
Back up before! JV16 Powertools

The solution to be efficient and use technologies correctly and to thre max capacities
Go slow with learning new techniques and software

Image editing (Photoshop is too expensive)

Slow computers? CTRL-ALT-DEL but you don't know all process?
database of process:

Last best tip: make an IT friend!!

What a blast! Once again! Info overflow!

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