Monday, April 09, 2007

WIM Redux

When spring comes, nothing is better than a little makeover! My wife got a haircut and she wants to move the furnitures in our leaving room... I decided it was time for a WIM revamp!

Since I "upgraded" to the new version of Blogger, I did not have the time to re-customize my blog... Numerous readers asked how to search my blog or subscribe to its feed. So, here are:

1) My feed: subscribe to WIM on your favorite feedreader (RSS, Atom, etc.)
2) Technorati Favorites: if you use Technorati, fave me!!
3) A Search engine for WIM: useful to search my pasts posts
4) My Google co-op E-discovery search engine: I was bored of stumbling about vendor driven websites where no added-value could be found, so I created a customized search engine of the EDD related websites filled with the best value information!
5) My Bloglines Blogroll: wanna know what I read daily? If you feel I am missing something, let me know!

Happy makeover!

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