Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thanks Dan!

As stated in a previous post, the reason I attended this year's ABA Techshow was because Dan Pinnington invited me. Dan, here is a big thanks to you for bringing me to this fabulous and inspiring event! I met as many like-minded lawyers and technogeeks in one place as I had for the last 10 years.

It was the perfect spot to meet fellow bloggers like:
Tom Mighell at Inter-Alia
Adriana Linares at IHeartTech
Nerino Petro at compujurist
Bob Kraft at PISSD
A.J. Levy at out-of-the-box lawyering

Dan also had the knindness to invite me at the speaker lunch after the conference where I met, around a hot dog, with other speakers and like-minded people. I knew Dan was a hard working meticulous guy but seeing all the prays he got from the speakers, board members, ABA Techshow staff, etc., I was even prouder to be canadian (funny to say for a Quebecer!!!) and to know him! ;-)

I really appreciated how he had the delicacy of thanking everyone single person who helped him and make of this event a total success: staff, board members (for whom he had chosen a descriptive and funny book). However, what I was most moved by was the time he took to thank his wife without whom the event would have been impossible! I thank her as well on behalf of myslef and the thousands of attendees!

Then, Dan passed the whip on to Tom Mighell, ABA Techshow 2008. Best of luck Tom: you'll do great!!

Dan, I have to say I particularly appreciated your speech on how you got involved in the Techshow by being invited in 2001 by Mark (here is a picture of them taken by Adriana Linares at IHeartTech), then as a speaker the following year, as a board member 2 years later and now, as the chairman! Let's look ahead to 2013... ;-p

Thanks again Dan! It is an honour to know you! You're AWESOME!!

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