Thursday, March 13, 2008

Techshow Live!

We are currently being welcomed by Tom Mighell in the Grand Ballroom (and Grand, it is!). He is filling us on what's hot and cool at ABA this year and I will try, as much as possible, to do likewise for you!

Please note that many posts will be sent straight from my Blackberry, so no picture and no proof reading...

Between my posts, you can have a look at Techshow Buzz for updates on what is happenning. This is a new feature of this year Techshow that I am sure will be most useful to attendees and non-attendees.

Other new ways to keep current on the Techshow:

Want to see what is happening: Flickr tag Techshow
Want to go to referred websites: tag Techshow
Want to know who is doing what: Twitter



Greg Kern said...

Good info... When do we drink?

Dominic Jaar said...

Tonight at the After Dark Reception!