Thursday, March 13, 2008

Allan MacKenzie and Ben Schorr: The Data Mix and Mingle: How to Get Your Data Into Other Applications

Now this is a useful session which is hard to blawg about because Allan and Ben were giving tips on how to deal with information hosted in different Microsoft software and merge them. Here are some examples:

1) The classic paste special

2) How to mail merge (contacts to letter)

3) How to export emails from Outlook to Excel to send an email blast (and be blocked by firewall or be blacklisted)

4) How to tie data from an Excel spreadsheet to a Word document in order for the later to be automatically updated when the spreadsheet changes

5) How to integrate parts of an Excel table to Word

6) How to convert a Word outline into a Powerpoint presentation

7) How to effectively draw in Word

The whole presentation was made in parallel fir MS 2003 (Allan) and 2007 (Ben).

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