Friday, March 14, 2008

Todd Flaming and Brett Burney on Small Volume E-Discovery

During the course of their session Small Volume E-Discovery: One Hard Drive Could Make, or Break, Your Case, presented in the Solo an Small firm track of the ABA TechShow. Todd Flaming and Brett Burney invited participants to consider the discovery of electronically stored information in all types of cases.

The participants had a lot of interesting questions for Brett Burney on the technical possibilities available to recover all sorts of ESI, (IM, PIN, Cell phone, email records).

Todd Flaming provided a lot of interesting insight in the use of the common office suite software research tools that can be used in smaller volume e-discovery cases.

As all cases now inevitably involve ESI, this presentation was right on point and introduced participants to products that can be used to manage the discovery proceedings in smaller cases on a reasonable budget.

JF DeRico

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