Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Paralegal's Blog to educate lawyers

I am slowly emerging from Legal.IT2008 and have some 2000 unread RSS feeds piled up in my Bloglines... Nevertheless, I still find some new interesting stuff while surfing the web. I just put my eyes on an american paralegal blog I was unaware of where I learned about, well, what it is happening in Canada!!

Thanks to Christine M. Parizo and her A Paralegal's Blog where she posted about Ontario giving legitimacy to paralegals' profession.

Christine, I am definetly adding you to my blogroll!


Christine M. Parizo, R.P. said...

Merci! (That's the extent of my French.)

paralegal degree said...

It adds legitimacy to our profession, for what we are doingA paralegal representative may only appear and advise on small-claims-court lawsuits, Provincial Offences Act matters, certain Criminal Code offences before a summary conviction court and in proceedings before tribunals, such as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Consumers will be able to check if they have a licensed paralegal by asking to see a P1 licence or by searching names at the Law Society of Upper Canada's website at LSUC