Friday, July 07, 2006

Humming about manners...

What a world we live in!

Every morning, when there is no snow and it is not raining, I rollerblade to the office. Today, while on my way, a mosquito, or some sort of flying beast, entered my mouth and landed on my palatine uvula. Obviously, that made me chocke and spit that uninvited friend!

However, the little insect did not make me chocke as much as the moron (second definition) waiting at the red light beside me and sitting in his Hummer, who looked at me in a disgusted way, adding insult to injury, by saying "lovely manners!" I laughed while looking at the exhaust of his vehicle...

The guy in his 1000$ sweat-shop-made suit, burning gas at the speed of light, was right: I am a treat to society!

Have a good one!

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