Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Le juge Hedges sort son bouquin sur l'E-discovery

Pour ceux qui ont eu la chance de participer à une conférence du juge Ronald J. Hedges, il n'y aura aucun doute quant à la qualité de son livre Discovery of Electronically Stored Information: Surveying the Legal Landscape. Celui-ci est décrit ainsi:

This unique publication, slated for delivery early in 2007, is a comprehensive chronicle of the emergence of
electronic discovery as a significant factor of modern trial practice. Hedges has quite literally surveyed the
legal landscape of electronic discovery by reviewing countless decisions; articles from law journals, treatises,
and the trade press; rules, and guidelines from other regulatory bodies on the following topics:
· What Does "Electronically Stored Information" Encompass?
· When to Begin to “Think Electronic”
· Electronically Stored Information and Rule 26(f)
· Electronically Stored Information and Rule 26(a)(1)
· Discovery
· Form of Production
· Waiver of Privilege
· Cost-Bearing: Three Approaches
· Spoliation
· Electronically Stored Information and The States
· Avoiding Problems: Some Suggestions
· Records Retention in a Criminal Setting – Arthur Andersen and Sarbanes-Oxley
· Civil and Criminal Liability for “Interception”
· Ethics

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