Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dominic Jaar: Understanding and managing E-docs and records

Obviously, I will not comment my own presentation but will instead let you make your own opinion and, perhaps, comment on this blog... Here is my PPT presentation (imported into ZohoShow). Unfortunately, there is some information (and obviously nice and cheesy transition) missing... I'll investigate later on: enjoy!

Until I can embed it correctly, you can go to my public presentation.

You will see that there is corruption in the document. I complained about it and received the following answer:

Yes, I can see that the presentation you imported hasn't come out well. Zoho Show currently has some limitations in importing heavily formatted (having multiple images embedded in a slide along with some text) & animated presentations. We are working on improving the import quality. I'll inform you when the update addressing this issue happens. Kindly bear with us till then.

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